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Before you sign that contract and Bankruptcy

Most artiste due to the high rate of poverty never settle down to look at a record deal before signing and this has been an issue for the recent feud between artiste and record label owners, do you want to tell me that brymo, vector and jaywon did not know what they running into when they penned down deals?

Most artiste in nigeria, africa and the world at large suffering from deals not properly reviewed, my chat down here would show what an artiste walks away with after massive successful hit and below are some real life examples.

“Some music lovers are surprised to hear news of their favourite artists going bankrupt, but it does happen – and not always because the artist went on a wild spending spree. Bankruptcy is one of musicians’ only defences against bad record contracts. 
Despite TLC’s overwhelming success as an R&B group in the 90’s, they were for forced to file for bankruptcy due to the massive overhead costs they weren’t able to pay. They earned less than 2 percent of the $175 million dollars generated by CD sales – about 40 times less than the profit that was divided among their management, production and record companies. Likewise, Toni Braxton declared bankruptcy in 1998 after generating $188 million dollars from CD sales; her record contract paid her less than 35 cents per album. 

The Goo Goo Dolls have generated $2 million in album sales, but filed bankruptcy because they owed so much money to their record label. Bankruptcy has become increasingly common over the years, even with many successful musicians. Even Jerry Lee Lewis and Michael Jackson, both members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, have filed bankruptcy. 
Sometimes legal troubles, debts or taxes are to blame for famous musicians filing bankruptcy. Other times; however, it is simply a way to get out of a contract. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is lobbying to change bankruptcy laws, making it more difficult for artists to file bankruptcy for the sole purpose of getting out of a contract.”

Music has never been an easy business to make a buck in. Go back a hundred years and stories abound how an unsuspecting musician made pennies on the dollar for their work while someone else benefited. Even today with artists having a greater awareness and access to expert legal council doesn’t necessarily mean that the outcome will be any different.

The best way to protect yourself is to be in the business for the right reason in the first place, and that’s for the music, but you still have to surround yourself with the best team of professionals that you can afford.

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T9ja News: Prolifix Record now in Port Harcourt

Prolifix Record boss Ichendah Kelvin Chukwumati has decided to open the nigerian outlet of the award winning record label in port harcourt.

In a chat with our reporters he said the reason behind choosing port harcourt over lagos is cause he sees port harcourt as a virgin land with yet untapped talents, his love for the music industry goes beyond bringing new act but giving a helping hand to the industry.

T9ja News: Kupid Promoters signs Jabby Jay

It was a beautiful evening at Eko Hotel and Suites as the CEO of Kupid Promoters Valentine Ikegbunam (Husband Material) and the Canadian Nigerian born artiste Jabby Jay penned down a five million naira deal to promote and manage him.

The hall was filled with friends, fans and well wishers as the gathered to witness the epoch making event.

T9ja Events: Yemisax In Concert “Christmas With Yemi Sax”


It’s going to be Christmas like never before this season as Sax Records Entertainment in conjunction with Enigma presents to you one of the best shows of the season!! !  Christmas with Yemi Sax.

Nigeria’s leading Saxophonist “Yemi Sax” also known as No.1 Naija SaxBoss  and Sax Oracle will be celebrating the Christmas this year with his beloved fans and music lovers in an emphatic style at the Ember Creek, No. 32, Awolowo road, Ikoyi Lagos on the 19th of December, 2012.
The event tagged “Christmas with Yemi Sax” will be hosted by the multi-functional entertainment diva “Toni Payne” and will feature your top Nigeria celebrities as guest artistes.
Red Carpet starts at 5pm, while the event kicks off at 7pm to 10pm. Christmas With YemiSax is proudly supported by Beat FM, Smooth FM, Wazobia FM, Muziqglobe World, and Enigma. Follow @grugged  @enigmavn & @yemisaxboss for more details and ticket reservation. Christmas just got better….
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T9ja Video: P Square Shuts Down Zimbabwe

Harare, Zimbabwe went wild in the month of November 2012.

The whole city was shut down because P SQUARE came to town, it felt like Santa Clause came early for Christmas.

A fully packed stadium with thousands of loyal super fans kept screaming at the top of their voices, asking for more as P Square thrilled the crowd with hits upon HITS upon HITS

Part 1


Part 2



Part 3