SWEET DELILAH by @husband_materia

Sweet Delilah

i have vowed that this valentine i was going to get the best fun out of it, cut off old ties with the women in my life and really go for something spontaneous, i have carefully thought about the place one place that i wouldnt have to go and get stiff competition from other adventure seeking guys like me, i decided to go to the female lingerie shop and see if i pick up that one single girl out there ready for some fun.
i walked into the classy upscale boutique at victoria island, looking all cute, as i walked in, i carefully studied the environment, the heavy price tags, the few women that were in the shop and all busy scouting for that perfect lingerie for whoever gets the ticket to undress them, a fair chubby chic walked past me, the scent from the designer perfume she had on, almost drifted me away, i turned to stare at her, she has the most carved backside i have ever seen, adorned in her versace glasses and carrying a petit gucci bag, i walked up to her and said “excuse me please, can you help me pick a nice lingerie for ladies for me, a friend of mine is having her birthday today” i did say that a little loud so that others can hear me, she gave me the “am not intrested look” moved few steps away from me and called out for the sales girl to come attend to me, the sales girl walked up to me and i told her not to bother, i tried a few chics and my seemingly perfect plan and was dashed to the wall.
just as i picked up a cute red G-strings and a bra, let me give it to yemisi my beautiful nympho chic and see if i could earn myself a good sex later tonight, as i walked up to the counter to pay and jet out of this dooms dwelling place, the big buttocks chic was the one at the counter attending to customers, from the way she was marshalling out orders, it became clear she either owns the place or she is the manager, “you are really not here to shop for lingerie mr….” she stretched her hands and gave out a big grin and i replied “valentine” , raised eyebrow and smile “mr lover boy, i think i’ll give you more than that adventure you seek for” she said and we exchanged contact, fixed venue and time, 4pm protea hotel and suite, so she said.
walking into that hotel room, it was then i realise how naughty gina was, yes her name is Gina, she was strapping a dildo on,when she came to open the door, while a busty dark girl with a slim figure laid all sweaty on the bed, we drank a few more bottles of cognac, talking bout what we like in bed and what we don’t, just as i was beginning to have a hardon, Gina told me there is only 1 rule, no matter what, i should fuck the the other girl which was her girlfriend, i could touch, kiss and do other things but no sex, her friend unbuttoned my trouser and brought my huge cock which i know is a masterpiece, well rounded, fat and thick with its 7 inch measuring length, sucking on it like it was some lollipop, while Gina used the strapon dildo to fuck her friend from the back, grabbing her huge tits and fucking her harder than i could even hit, her friend kept letting out moans of pleasure, while i kissed gina and squeezed her nipples, she left her friends nipples and grabbed my head and gave me a deep kiss while her waist was going back and forth as she fucker friend, the pressure on my dick became so intensed when i watched gina put that huge dildo into the friends ass, she let out a lod groan of pain and sucked my dick like it was some punishment, when i was about to cum, i withdrew my dick out of her mouth, pushed gina on the bed, shifted the strapon and began to bang her, i could see her eyes pop out in pleasure, as i hit all corners of her pussy while her friend kept sucking gina’s nipples, sat on gina’s face as she sucked her, we kissed while i use both hands to play with the ladies clitoris, caressing gina that i was fucking with my right hand while the other hand was playing with her friends clitoris, she used her cunt to rub all over gina’s face, whinning her waist and grabbing her boobs, i could gina mounting pressure as i watched her legs shake, she did cum all over the strapon and bedsheet, she pushed me away gently and whispered “watch this”, gina dutifully spread her friends thighs wide apart, as she used her tongue to wet her fingers, she slowly began to finger fuck her friend, grabbing her friends tits, squeezing them so hard while she suck them at intervals, she began to fuck her so fast that her friends threw her legs further apart and held them with both hands as she closed her eyes and absorbed the pleasure, in quick minutes i could see her scream “oh Gina, keep fucking like that, am about to cuuuuuuummm!! ” she said and Gina licked every drop of her cum and told me to come join, i sucked her friends pussy, licking the clitoris, her cunt lips, making sure no drop of her cunt juice is remaining, that’s when she grabbed my dick, sucking it again and the once flaccid dick rised to the occassion in double force, she pushed me and climbed my dick and riding it like her life depends on it, using her pussy to pound my dick, i could hear her fart while she is screaming in ecstacy, gina walked into the room from the bathroom, furious that i broke the one rule she gave me, pushed me off her friend, threw my cloths at me and ordered me to leave right away! “as much as i have been sweet to you, i want you to know that i am SWEET DELILAH”


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