Open Letter to Olu Maintain on the “enuff effizzi” video

seriously you got all of us fooled when the story of the most expensive video ever story popped up on the internet, the whole social media went crazy!, it was you that we music analyst were talking about whenever we sit in circles to discuss.
i was not only angry and pissed at you but also towards whoever your publicist is, take a pen and jot what am about to say after now, maybe it will teach you a thing or two, first of all the song is a total flop with no rhythm, you wanted to do something commercial but sincerely you failed in that part,the chorus wasn’t catchy, a song nobody can remember a line after watching and listening over 20 times, yes you were looking all fresh and clean on that video but still can’t figure out what’s expensive, is it the airplane that @donjazzy and @iamdbanj used way back in the mo’hit days for the “close to you” video? or the one that wizkid and the EME crew used in the “baddest Boy” video? Or the drinks which can be found on every regular “tushed” bar here in lagos (still confused).
Maybe its been long you watched nigerian music videos and you think flaunting white girls all over your video would make us go wild? check over 60 released videos since 2012 , you will see white girls frolicking on all the video.
its high time you guys take this music business serious and make it the showbiz that our counterparts in other countries have used to earn million and carve a market structure

i know the die hard nigerian fans who see nothing in this would be too quick to insult me or call me “bad belle” but the truth has to be told for future purposes

(music analyst/PR)


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