Adventures of Husband Material (part 4)

Mama ekaette was now obsessed with my cock, she would cook and get enough afang soup for me, whenever an opportunity comes up we would have one fast quick round of sex.
slow it turned into a routine but who i really wanted to have under my arm is ekaette, just like her mother she is busty, tall and walks with a gait of that of a runway model, i decided to lure her into my room by telling her to come arrange my room for me, that i’ll pay her N500 for it, as she bent down to sweep my room, i hurriedly locked the door, and watched as her big buttocks pushed the wrapper up and was revealing those thighs, i drew her close and sh turned and say “oga corper if you do me na, you go begin tell everybody say we don fuck” and i held her close and whispered in her ears “no worry na only me and you go know, unless na you tell another person”
like a password to a phone those words opened her wrapper and i could see God’s perfect artistry in full, her boobs well rounded with a very big nipples, took off her pink panties and her bushy pussy was all up in my face, nothing turns me on like a pussy with all the hairs thats not shaved out, i fingered her pussy as i and her staggered to the bed.
i brought out my gold circle and gave to her, the way she tore the pack and swiftly wore the condom on my dick, i knew she was no learner in the game, pressing both boobs against each other and sucking her nipples so hard, licking both the same time! “chei! Abasi!! oga corper you don kill me” while she held my dick but her eyes where closed from the pleasure untold she was getting, i kissed her neck while i caressed her whole body, letting my hand run all over her, making her moan, she pushed me away when the pleasure was too much for her to handle, climbed ontop me, facing me with her back and her hands on the bed, she gently allow my thick fat cock struggles its way into her wet tight pussy, once inside her, she shut her eyes and began to whine her waist, her pussy letting out fart sounds as i held her waist to control the pressure this small girl was mounting on my dick, she kept going “iyanmi!!! eyeninor!!” while i plunged deep into her cunt, i could see her cum drip out of her pussy, her pounding of my dick with her pussy is now slow, am guessing she is tired, so carried her n turned her to face me, legs on my shoulder with a ginger to make sure i over feed her with this dick, i decided to pound her cunt hard! driving into her bushy pussy and making sure she is getting it hard, she closed her eyes and clenched the bedsheet so tight, “kpat! kpat!” her pussy kept making those sound and when was about cuming, i could feel her pussy wall grabbing my dick and her pussy became very slippery, she came so hard that she was shaking and grabbing my butt.
now the noise coming from inside the house was cuz both mama ekaette and ekaette were both pregnant for me and i could hear what my landlord mr udom was saying “let me get my gun, if i kill that boy, i go kill all of una plus myself join” the smell of danger was looming, my wallet in my hand, i hurriedly packed in few cloths, jumped through the back window, running as fast my legs could carry me,with a sworn oath of never to step my feet anywhere around that Uyo!

BBpin: 2A8B8D8F


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