Adventures Of Husband Material

the heavy noise coming out from mama Ekaette’s house is one evident of a house that’s torn apart, the stint of jealousy that women have against each other is bound to showcase when love or lust is the main subject.
i was posted to Uyo for my NYSC, holding my call-up letter in my hand and eyes oozing out untold adventure it wants to behold “O boy dey careful, you know say Uyo women like fuck pass dog” my friend said to me but i cared less.
the real drama started on a very normal sunday morning, all tenants had gone to church, clutching my bucket of water, towel tied to my waist and a wrapper on the other hand thats use as a sheild from the shanty space used as a bathroom in the yard.
Hung my wrapper on the stick that cut across the entrance to the shanty bathroom, splashes of soapy water in my eyes, body covered in foamy soapy water, as i hurriedly scoop water to rinse the soapy water off my eyes, only for me to realise that the breeze that accompanys harmattan season, has blown away my wrapper and here was mama ekaette standing infront of me, looking very surprised at my slightly erect huge fat black cock with all its vein rooting thier marks on my dick, “oga val sorry, na dis harmattan” she apologised as she picked my wrapper and headed towards me, as she gave me my wrapper, she muttered “oga val, you girlfriend no dey cry if u use this thing?” i smiled in shame and took the wrapper from her, just as i was about settling down to continue with my bath after spreading the wrapper well, mama ekaette came into the bathroom, let her wrapper loose and grabbed my dick, though mama ekaette has two kids of which ekaette her first child should be a little above 16, but her boobs were still well shaped, fair boobs but very dark nipples, she bent down and took the full lengthy cock into her mouth, choking on it though but expertly sucked my dick, i grabbed her hair woven in thread and forced my cock deep into her mouth!.
she sucked my dick, licking my balls and giving me real oral pleasure, i bent her over and entered from the rear, she let out a faint moan and shaky words “chei! Oga val you prick sweet”, i thrust deep into her pink cunt, banging and pounding her pussy with my dick, she kept moaning “abasi mbom! oga val put am inside well well” and that geared me to hit harder, i leaned on the wall as she used her ass to hit my thighs while i watch her cunt swallow my huge anaconda, i grabbed her boobs from behind, using it as a support while i ram her cunt! she could not control herself anymore and the pleasure from my dick has intoxicated her, “Oga val, abeg take me inside your house make you fuck me well”.
on my bed i positioned her on her sides! raised her legs wide open, sucked on her clit so slow, licking her clit, cuntlips and inner walls of her pussy, before i gently slide my dick and began the hammering, “oga val, mbom! you dey fuck o!, na wetin your girlfriend dey enjoy be dis?” she kept on saying more erotic stuffs! and boom! 45 minutes later, her cunt juice erupted like a volcano, i watched her leg quaver in pleasure and the sexiness of her eyes made me cum in sequence, as my cum filled her cunt and drooled out, she tied her wrapper and was panting helplessly
(to be continued)

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  1. val January 12, 2014 at 10:20 am Reply

    Nawa o. Shuoo!!!

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