Poverty is of the Mind

poverty truly is a state of mind, it twarts your thinking and make you think life is wicked but obviously life is not so to the rich cuz he is basking in the euphoria of the best things of life, the gap between the poor and the rich is a very thin line.
ideas, risk, hardwork and patience is the four pointers of a very sucessful person, wealth can only amass where there is ideas! a creative mind would sure bring out money producing thoughts, never say its cuz of the capital to start a great idea is the reason why is your still grippling with poverty, learn the spirit of a good marketer, when put your ideas in black and white, if you dont see someone thats willing to lend you the initial capital, you will see the person thats willing to be a partner, learn to take risk for the sailors and captains never know what awaits them but the ever willing spirit of making more money or love for thier job is what takes them through thier risky journeys.
hardwork is the lubricant to every growing business, learn to be hardworking at all times even when its like you should throw away the baby and the bucket, for in the darkest hour is a clear sign that dawn is so near.
patience is what the 21st century youths lack, start a business in 1 month, you want to start reaping benefits and profits, rather ploughung back the meagre profit back into the business, yyour quest for quick cash pushes you so hard that you begin to rip yourself off the future gains and tend squash a very promising business!

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