Poison for Christmas (written by @husband_materia)

the frenzy mood of a great christmas filled the air, the blaring sound from the radio’s of all neighbouring compound really portrayed a fun filled day.
aunty omolade my eldest sister was on her way to our family house, she is my favourite aunt because she is the one that showers me with lots of gift and attention, so i was waiting in anticipation.
pacing back and front in the garden, waiting in untold curiosity what aunty omolade would buy for me, i made a list of things i wanted for christmas and in my inner soul i was trying to picture what she would get for me, was the PS4 or the new shoes for my final class in SS3, the sound of the car horn at the gate startled me, as i ran toward the gate, opened and welcomed aunty omolade as she drove, we both smiled at each other while she alighted from her car. “tunde ba wo ni” she asked and i gave out a big grin replied “aunty am fine o!”
she walked past me with no sign of gift bags in her hands, sadness adorned my face, as i walked past her, she called me, gave me N500 and instructed to go buy vouchers for her phone, in minutes as i was back i heard loud shout from the inside, papa and aunty omolade are never in good terms, getting close to the door, i decided to eavesdrop.
“omolade is my son and am here to take him with back to ibadan” she shouted in inmmensed anger,
i was befulled, the news of aunty omolade being my mother hit me hard, yes it did push me to the floor beside the door, panting for air i heard papa say “you are not taking that abomination anywhere” he shouted and that seem to anger aunty omolade cuz she started crying, sobbing as she said ” papa if not for your stupidity that you could not control your loins and lust from your own daughter, would you call tunde an abomination”
words could not describe how i felt at that moment, aunty omolade is my mother while papa fathered me through his own daughter! i have had of the word incest, i have read newspapers of stories of incest and in my wildest imagination i never knew i was a product of such disgraceful act.
next thing i could remember, papa was on the ground on a pool of his own blood, his brains splattered all over the floor while aunty omolade had blood drooling out of her arm, and large crowd gathered outside, then it dawned on me what i had done in a quick short minute of rage, i have killed papa, a man i revered so much but now hate and seem like the devil himself to me, aunty omolade had tried to stop me and i shot her too in rage!.
the noise outside was getting rowdier and the siren from the car of the police van came to a halt as they parked into out compound, put me in handcuffs, as i walked out of the house escorted by the police men, the large crowd hurled weapons at me! “weyre! weyre!” they yelled at me!.
if only they knew what transpired in that parlour, if they were in my shoes, if my predicament starred them at the face, am sure a lot of them would do worst, if you see my face of the pages of newspaper please don’t judge me cuz you don’t know what i went through!



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