The man DANAS

the portharcourt music industry has never had it this good, it has produced great acts that are national headliners when it comes to showbiz, the emergence of artiste like timaya, duncan mighty and burna boy.

The rave of the moment DANAS whose style, melodious tunes and catchy lyrics has carved a name for himself in the music industry, his own fusion of music and a genius at it, he dropped his hit single “my melody” a pop Gyration kind of music and like the proverbial “good products,that sells itself” the song spread like wildfire, topping charts on virtually all radio stations across nigeria, and when the video came out, it as if he poured more kerosene to the wildfire.

We the cast and crew of “coins and roses TV” had no other option than to bug this great act until granted us interview out of his tight schedule….. this is excerpts from the interview

C&R : finally we have been able to trap you down

Danas: (smiles) bro sorry for all, you know how it is  with us artistes, always booked.

C&R: when did this music thing started professionally?

Danas: started music professionally 2011

C&R : what really inspires you as an artiste?

Danas: my enviroment is my main source

C&R : who is your mentor?

Danas: in the early stages of my career I was mentored by a friend of mine called MHP, back in my days as a real hiphop act.

C&R : biggest stage you have shared with other celebs?

Danas: I did the closing ceremony for carniriv 2012

C&R: lowest moments in your career

Danas: lowest moments has to be my school days,trying to combine  music and books together

C&R: when should we be expecting an album?

Danas: my album would be dropping 2014.

C&R: what is your greatest turn off of the opposite sex?

Danas: I hate promiscuous females

C&R: any hope of a tour from you soon?

Dana: yes that’s in the pipeline, planning on a nationwide tour Image


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