Event: Sex and Relationship Tutor in Nigeria (Interview)

Kesta tipsy


Following the recent breakups and divorce in marriages , husband material of tunes9ja hooked up with a tutor extra ordinary , a classic sex guide and relationship tutor in his office to find out about his recent activities , here is excerpts from the interview

Husband Material: Good day sir. Can we get to know your name?

Kesta Tipsy: Am Kesta Tipsy

Husband Material: Recently we got hold of a buzz going over the internet tagged ‘sex guide n relationship issues” so we found out ur the CEO

Kesta Tipsy: Yea that’s true sexguide and relationship issues is what I call my baby because through it lives have been touched positively

Husband Material: What really touched you to pick up such sensitive issue to discuss upon and become your bane of interest

Kesta Tipsy: I picked up interest in it due to the collapse of so many marriages and relationship,looking around today you can easily find people who are going through challenges in their relationship/marriage,owing to the fact that the Nigerian society is a religious one so many people don’t have much information on sex and relationship issues and so rely largely on information gathered around them rather than the facts. Even those that have the facts pretend about it for fear of being labeled bad by the society

Husband Material: So far what have been the response from your audience?

Kesta Tipsy: Oh it has been tremendous,I never believed people could show more interests in the information we give through sexguide and relationship issues 18+

Husband Material: Your yearly sex guide and relationship cocktail party would be coming up this year ? Tell us what to expect this year

Kesta Tipsy: This year event is the second edition,the event is an annual event the first one took place last year December since that was the first edition the turn out was encouraging but challenging,in this years edition expect what I call explosion based on the experience we had last year we are able to organize a better event,which will involve more guest appearance and fun,I must add this sexguide was the first to pioneer a Facebook event where everyone with a Facebook account gathered together with media coverage in nigeria

Husband Material: Where would the events b holding this year?

Kesta Tipsy: This years event will be held in surulere @club kileleyioo 110 ogunlana drive surulere lagos.

Husband Material: Time and any special dress code ?

Kesta Tipsy: The time is 6PM till dawn no special dress code just dress responsibly.

Husband Material: any side. attraction?

Kesta Tipsy: Talking about Side attraction aside artist performance we just want to party,party, party just catch fun, because that the primary purpose of this event.

Husband Material: thanks sir for granting this interview with me

Kesta Tipsy: I really appreciate the opportunity and support you’ve been giving to sex guide and relationship issues 18+ looking forward to seeing you guys at the event.


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One thought on “Event: Sex and Relationship Tutor in Nigeria (Interview)

  1. kate mark December 1, 2012 at 9:25 pm Reply

    All Ŋ₳ wash jawee,abeg ge,all dis arranging stuff

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