A Play Boi’s Diary Episode 3

Continued from Last week……….

I picked chidimma, a dark short chubby girl in my class with dimples that make a perfect dot when she smiles, she is not on the high class chics in our class that’s guys adore neither is she in the geek circle where all they talk about is Mrs agininam’s assignment , adorned with a new sense of confidence and poised with my great oratory skills, I walked up to her during break time, asked her if she cared for a bottle of coke and mama Ada’s sweet pancakes , she obliged and we started talking , it was that day I coined my infamous playboy 10 commandments

The ways to getting every woman’s attention is simple if you follow my rules,

1) all women like attention.

2) selfless care.

3) always use nice words when talking to her

4) introduce her to your friends and she will be indebted to you.

5) all women want what their friends don’t have(if you do this then you’ll have her worship you

6) never say the truth- this might look weird but the fact is women love lies , the truth seems to them like the taste of bitter kola in their mouth.

7) make her friends like you

8)surprise her with gifts – but you have to know what she likes and make sure to keep your gift simple

9)never pretend you don’t get angry or don’t fight – every woman needs a soldier , show her that manly nature in you so that she can feel safe in your arms .

10)make her change some characters in her you feel is not good and no matter her friends , siblings or even parents tell her against you , she would stay put with you

To be continued……….next week wednesday stay tuned



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