A Play Boi’s Diary Episode 2


The class went numb when she shouted my name aloud with all the strength that she could mutter , face down ,
Sweat like a  tap covered every sweat pores on my skin instantly , she walked towards me, threw the letter at my face and rained heavy curses at me, “you are a fool” “see this small boy o” she said, Emeka the class clown picked the letter and relish the letter out and putting comic to every big word in the letter , I was laughed at by the whole class , seemed to me like that was judgment day for me, Ann slapped me and gave me a stern warning. That singular act of shame changed me forever , thou depressed and stereotyped as a loser

I made a decision to change and be the LADIES MAN , I secluded myself from friends , took out time to know what ladies want in a man, what makes them drool towards some guys, I bought several romance books and since my mum is a sucker for love , we had loads of romance novels stacked in her private library collection , she was happy that I was developing a reading culture but not knowing I had a motive, we went home after exams and when the holiday was over , I came back to school another person, now the dice is cast, who will be my first victim ? I needed someone I could try out all I have learnt

To be continued……….next week wednesday stay tuned


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One thought on “A Play Boi’s Diary Episode 2

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