DDM: Exclusive Interview with Khalif Da Cypha

An Exclusive interview with Khalif Da Cypha

DJ DONAK: Good day Mr Khalif

KHALIF Da CYPHA: Yeah good bro

DJ DONAK: The first time I listened to your song“the way she wine” I really love it….its lyrics and the beat…..how did u do that?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: Wow… thanks for appreciating dat song, actually i came about that song as a result of listening to Olu maintain`s Nawti which really inspired me to do a ragga version to the song because I really loved the Rhythm so I had to create it my own way and then dropped my ragga vocals on it

DJ DONAK: Dats lovely…….when did this whole music thing start for you?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: the music thing got me hooked seriously since 2004, then i was in a group called Ezzy Rayz
but solely started doing my thing in 2005
then in 2006 i dropped my first Single titled “dancehall thing”

DJ DONAK: Ok, tell me……..why the name khalif da cypha?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: lol. as agrowing youth back then i have always been in love wit HIP HOP and the true soldiers of hip hop then were Rakim and many of them with Arabian names so i decided to follow their parts by calling my self khalif da cypha, khalif meaning the head of a sect, and da cypha(decipher) meaning to figure things. so since i`m the head of a sect, i can always figure out lyrics together and make good songs

DJ DONAK: To many they think khalif is a reggea artist because of the way u sing and rhyme…..right or wrong?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: mmm yeah Right. i also have a strong reggea background and i love reggae music because its preaches consciousness and it influences me positively thats why i`m a Reggae Dancehall artist, and also a Hip hop artist because RAP is Rhythm and poetry and i do such it apply to my style too

DJ DONAK: *smiling* ….what are your achievements?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: i have an Album to my credit Titled “Unscanned:the dance session” which is an 18 track album released in 2009 with song which made hits and also got nominations in different awards, song like PhC anthem which got nominated for best hip hop song in odudu awards 2009, anikashayanda a massive street hit,enter the dance etc… and singles from my for sophomore coming album which got serious nominations too, songs like playaz anthem,Ayiba mbana,don`t allow me,PhCypha ft Dj jonel,double k, mr nanas,blah,danas Emperor fly,tik-lips,G`blaze,konkrit,mr anonymous,K`slash, And also winning an Award for best uprising act in bayelsa in 2010

DJ DONAK: Wow…….so where are you from?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: I am proudly from bayelsa state in nigeria

DJ DONAK: Speaking of awards…….any plans for the ODUDU AWARDS 2012?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: Yeah! I will be at this year`s Odudu Award because i have multiple award nominations at the Odudu awrds this year, like 7 nominations in various categories ranging from

1.Best Dancehall(Don`t allow me)

2.Best Hip Hop male with the song PhCypha which featured 12 of PhCity finest rappers,

3.Best Naija Urban male with the song(Abebe),

4.Best Hip hop Video with(Playaz anthem ft Double k & J`bif),

5.Best Album Art,

6.Best collaboration with (PhCypha),

7.Best Naija Urban video(Ayiba Mbana)

DJ DONAK: Wow…..what’s the award like? (I mean for u)

KHALIF Da CYPHA: For me it`s like a really good thing because it shows my hard work is not in vain, its wonderful and i thank God for it

DJ DONAK: Let’s get personal…….are u married?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: No. I`m not married

DJ DONAK: Any plans?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: None for now

DJ DONAK: Ok……who are your music influences?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: on the international scene its Beenieman,Bounty KillaFanta Moja,Bob Marley while on the local scene, 2face idibia,Rhymzo

DJ DONAK: Cool…….what are your hobbies?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: I like reading,travelling,playing snooker and listening to music

DJ DONAK: Do you belong to any record label?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: presently i`m doing my thing In X-mpire entertainment but looking forward to bigger places

DJ DONAK: thanks for making it lovely…….what message do u have 4 your fans?

KHALIF Da CYPHA: Its my pleasure… good things don`t come easy. to my fans thank Y`all for being there for me even in my silence… God bless y`all and respect large

DJ DONAK: Thanks for your time……

KHALIF Da CYPHA: My pleasure once again… and thank you for your Platform May Jah bless your effort in helping the Industry… Bless

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