A Play Boi’s Diary episode 1

This is my story, this is the escapades I have gone through , it started like a bet, little did I know that life has loads install for me, the words are still very clear, Ann (my crush) sitting right in front me in our cosy ss2 class , she had it all, back at the hostel she was on everybody boys lips, rumors going round that some of my classmates even masturbates with her name, her gait , her dark skin that shone so well from the cream she rubbed, I loved her but was scared to talk to her, first I was fat and wore glasses that fetched me the name “fat Albert” which I despise with every atom hatred mother nature could phantom , I acted my age , sat down and coined a very mind blowing letter, flipping through my dictionary to find all the arrays of words that depicts beauty and poured it out on that letter, when we went out for lunch break , I tiptoed back into the class, slipped the letter into her locker, and ran out to join my mates, back from lunch I could feel my heartbeat in my ears Like an iphone headphones plugged to my ears.

I watched with keen attention as she opened her locker, saw my letter, gave out a faint smile and unwrapped it, I wanted to run out of class in fear but that same fear held me spellbound to my seat, and I looked in self pity like a cow that’s been taken to the slaughter house, I felt the pinch when she read the letter and flashed red anger powered eyes @ my direction , I wished for tsunami that moment

To be Continued next week……….


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