Y-LEMZI – Low Key {Prod. @9plus_record}

After the successful release of his debut single; y-lemzi works with hit
producer (willy jay beats) on his new banging single “Low key”.
If you love the party you will love the track and we hear that the song has
a special dance routine which will be unveiled in yet to b released music




Kris D Jay – EBELEBE

Smooth lyrics Kris-D jay drops this new banger! With his cool voice and mad beat, Produced by the hitmaker himself Idahams


RUntown Deal Video

Here it is


music: Jazzy Stringz- Keleya


NEW MUSIC: Jollyboy- Your Face Show ft Frank Obama @Jollyboymusic

Frank Obama Music Presents Jollyboy ft the mix master himself on this upbeat song that would set any dance hall of fire! Download and share


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kris-D jay – PHILO


Kris D jay finally releases a new joint for 2014, the upbeat song with its groovy beat titled PHILO is one to rock your speakers, produced by Idahams. ff@chrisdjay

(For Promo add BBpin: 2A8B8D8F)

Knowledge – Alhaji {Prod. Ayzed}

Fresh off the successful release of his debut single Tombo Music, Port Harcourt bad boy Knowledge returns with his second single Alhaji. Bump it and share your thoughts” The song is Produced by Ayzed


New Music: Naymon- my song

The much anticipated track”my song” by Naymon,,,Port Harcourt’s finest afro-pop,RnB singer is here”my song” we killed dis beat dis time. @naymonn


Before you sign that contract and Bankruptcy

Most artiste due to the high rate of poverty never settle down to look at a record deal before signing and this has been an issue for the recent feud between artiste and record label owners, do you want to tell me that brymo, vector and jaywon did not know what they running into when they penned down deals?

Most artiste in nigeria, africa and the world at large suffering from deals not properly reviewed, my chat down here would show what an artiste walks away with after massive successful hit and below are some real life examples.

“Some music lovers are surprised to hear news of their favourite artists going bankrupt, but it does happen – and not always because the artist went on a wild spending spree. Bankruptcy is one of musicians’ only defences against bad record contracts. 
Despite TLC’s overwhelming success as an R&B group in the 90’s, they were for forced to file for bankruptcy due to the massive overhead costs they weren’t able to pay. They earned less than 2 percent of the $175 million dollars generated by CD sales – about 40 times less than the profit that was divided among their management, production and record companies. Likewise, Toni Braxton declared bankruptcy in 1998 after generating $188 million dollars from CD sales; her record contract paid her less than 35 cents per album. 

The Goo Goo Dolls have generated $2 million in album sales, but filed bankruptcy because they owed so much money to their record label. Bankruptcy has become increasingly common over the years, even with many successful musicians. Even Jerry Lee Lewis and Michael Jackson, both members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, have filed bankruptcy. 
Sometimes legal troubles, debts or taxes are to blame for famous musicians filing bankruptcy. Other times; however, it is simply a way to get out of a contract. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) is lobbying to change bankruptcy laws, making it more difficult for artists to file bankruptcy for the sole purpose of getting out of a contract.”

Music has never been an easy business to make a buck in. Go back a hundred years and stories abound how an unsuspecting musician made pennies on the dollar for their work while someone else benefited. Even today with artists having a greater awareness and access to expert legal council doesn’t necessarily mean that the outcome will be any different.

The best way to protect yourself is to be in the business for the right reason in the first place, and that’s for the music, but you still have to surround yourself with the best team of professionals that you can afford.

For professional music advice and managerial packaging

OPEN LETTER TO @splendidigwe by @husband_materia


Dear Splendid,

In this season of open letter, I decided to use this medium also to write a letter to someone whose genre of music has captured not just me but the entire nation.
I can remember the very first time i heard your song on the radio “aboki shine my shoe”, i noticed your form of delivery, your unique word play, i told my friends that you will champion the new age music industry and they all doubted me in the normal naija “jonsing” way.

three weeks later your song became a hit, even nursery school students could sing it more than the nigerian anthem, and i looked all my friends at the face with a big smile and that “i told you” look, when i heard you got signed unto Luciano Records, it was then i knew you are heading for the stars and would be there for a very long time, when it was time for the video, you employed the professionalism of ace video director Adasa cookey and the video was magic.

when i was still settling with the video, you came out with this upbeat song titled MAKOSSA, it was an instant hit cuz the clubs went gaga and a party was never a party without either “Aboki shine my shoe” or “Makossa” not on the playlist, i was thier amongst the crowd as you performed at a show in portharcourt and your stage strength is second to none, you have mastered the arts and you carried the ever cheering crowd along.

2014 gave me the shocker, not that i wasn’t expecting you to be this big but when i listened to that track AMEN which you featured another A-list artiste like you TIMAYA, it was then i duffed my cap for you and made myself an addict of your songs, i earnestly wait for more songs and the chance to meet you in person for dreams do come truely, i know your full of surprises and only heaven knows what next we should expect

I pray you read this letter and reply me

New Music: Sammy X -Malope

Omoge Records Ent’ Presents A Talented Singer, Songwriter, He Goes By The Name Sammy X A.k.a Dat Omoge Commander, Who Currently Dropped A Mind Blowing Bangering Hit Club Single Titled ‘Malope’ Produced By @snaxgy D Nakaminati beat, Guaranteed To Keep U Hitting the Replay Button For Sure.


New Music: Xbreedz- Omalicha ft Bigman and Fearless

Celestine Onwughalu popularly known as X-breedz, an 042/Ph based artiste with popular hits like “friday night” and “ife ana alu ft buckwild da ikwerrian” which were monster hits,that earned him the profile ” ife ana alu” master. amongst other songs. He is currently signed with effect da vigor entertainment. He is back again with this parry breaker ” OMALICHA” ft Bigman and Fearless (042 murderers), well blended with pigeon and ibo, tight beat, wonderful melody…A must listen if you have got the waist to shake.


New Music: Matti.O – Hold your waist

One of the PH city finest artist he goes by the name MATI.O, He comes up with a hit song titled Hold Your Waist. Is a song dat I listened and has been on repeat ( Prod. @Joeblings111)


New Music: Y-lemzi – You too sweet (@Y-lemzi)

After the release of whine for me(baby nana) which was a huge sucess y-lemzi is back again with a makosa flavor YOU SWEET(woyiwo).The 21yrs old portharcourt artist is doing well everybody will love to dance to it .He is now signed to GET BUSY ENT produce by @surfacebeat



REENY HAIR is a new outfit with liaison partnership with foreign based fashion companies, we have affordable flat rate for all type of human hair ranging from brazilian, peruvian and others, and can be sent direct to you anywhere in nigeria

Our Head office is located at Apo resettlement suite 117 mondern market apo abuja
Call REENY HAIR on 08063168123
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SWEET DELILAH by @husband_materia

Sweet Delilah

i have vowed that this valentine i was going to get the best fun out of it, cut off old ties with the women in my life and really go for something spontaneous, i have carefully thought about the place one place that i wouldnt have to go and get stiff competition from other adventure seeking guys like me, i decided to go to the female lingerie shop and see if i pick up that one single girl out there ready for some fun.
i walked into the classy upscale boutique at victoria island, looking all cute, as i walked in, i carefully studied the environment, the heavy price tags, the few women that were in the shop and all busy scouting for that perfect lingerie for whoever gets the ticket to undress them, a fair chubby chic walked past me, the scent from the designer perfume she had on, almost drifted me away, i turned to stare at her, she has the most carved backside i have ever seen, adorned in her versace glasses and carrying a petit gucci bag, i walked up to her and said “excuse me please, can you help me pick a nice lingerie for ladies for me, a friend of mine is having her birthday today” i did say that a little loud so that others can hear me, she gave me the “am not intrested look” moved few steps away from me and called out for the sales girl to come attend to me, the sales girl walked up to me and i told her not to bother, i tried a few chics and my seemingly perfect plan and was dashed to the wall.
just as i picked up a cute red G-strings and a bra, let me give it to yemisi my beautiful nympho chic and see if i could earn myself a good sex later tonight, as i walked up to the counter to pay and jet out of this dooms dwelling place, the big buttocks chic was the one at the counter attending to customers, from the way she was marshalling out orders, it became clear she either owns the place or she is the manager, “you are really not here to shop for lingerie mr….” she stretched her hands and gave out a big grin and i replied “valentine” , raised eyebrow and smile “mr lover boy, i think i’ll give you more than that adventure you seek for” she said and we exchanged contact, fixed venue and time, 4pm protea hotel and suite, so she said.
walking into that hotel room, it was then i realise how naughty gina was, yes her name is Gina, she was strapping a dildo on,when she came to open the door, while a busty dark girl with a slim figure laid all sweaty on the bed, we drank a few more bottles of cognac, talking bout what we like in bed and what we don’t, just as i was beginning to have a hardon, Gina told me there is only 1 rule, no matter what, i should fuck the the other girl which was her girlfriend, i could touch, kiss and do other things but no sex, her friend unbuttoned my trouser and brought my huge cock which i know is a masterpiece, well rounded, fat and thick with its 7 inch measuring length, sucking on it like it was some lollipop, while Gina used the strapon dildo to fuck her friend from the back, grabbing her huge tits and fucking her harder than i could even hit, her friend kept letting out moans of pleasure, while i kissed gina and squeezed her nipples, she left her friends nipples and grabbed my head and gave me a deep kiss while her waist was going back and forth as she fucker friend, the pressure on my dick became so intensed when i watched gina put that huge dildo into the friends ass, she let out a lod groan of pain and sucked my dick like it was some punishment, when i was about to cum, i withdrew my dick out of her mouth, pushed gina on the bed, shifted the strapon and began to bang her, i could see her eyes pop out in pleasure, as i hit all corners of her pussy while her friend kept sucking gina’s nipples, sat on gina’s face as she sucked her, we kissed while i use both hands to play with the ladies clitoris, caressing gina that i was fucking with my right hand while the other hand was playing with her friends clitoris, she used her cunt to rub all over gina’s face, whinning her waist and grabbing her boobs, i could gina mounting pressure as i watched her legs shake, she did cum all over the strapon and bedsheet, she pushed me away gently and whispered “watch this”, gina dutifully spread her friends thighs wide apart, as she used her tongue to wet her fingers, she slowly began to finger fuck her friend, grabbing her friends tits, squeezing them so hard while she suck them at intervals, she began to fuck her so fast that her friends threw her legs further apart and held them with both hands as she closed her eyes and absorbed the pleasure, in quick minutes i could see her scream “oh Gina, keep fucking like that, am about to cuuuuuuummm!! ” she said and Gina licked every drop of her cum and told me to come join, i sucked her friends pussy, licking the clitoris, her cunt lips, making sure no drop of her cunt juice is remaining, that’s when she grabbed my dick, sucking it again and the once flaccid dick rised to the occassion in double force, she pushed me and climbed my dick and riding it like her life depends on it, using her pussy to pound my dick, i could hear her fart while she is screaming in ecstacy, gina walked into the room from the bathroom, furious that i broke the one rule she gave me, pushed me off her friend, threw my cloths at me and ordered me to leave right away! “as much as i have been sweet to you, i want you to know that i am SWEET DELILAH”


Open Letter to Olu Maintain on the “enuff effizzi” video

seriously you got all of us fooled when the story of the most expensive video ever story popped up on the internet, the whole social media went crazy!, it was you that we music analyst were talking about whenever we sit in circles to discuss.
i was not only angry and pissed at you but also towards whoever your publicist is, take a pen and jot what am about to say after now, maybe it will teach you a thing or two, first of all the song is a total flop with no rhythm, you wanted to do something commercial but sincerely you failed in that part,the chorus wasn’t catchy, a song nobody can remember a line after watching and listening over 20 times, yes you were looking all fresh and clean on that video but still can’t figure out what’s expensive, is it the airplane that @donjazzy and @iamdbanj used way back in the mo’hit days for the “close to you” video? or the one that wizkid and the EME crew used in the “baddest Boy” video? Or the drinks which can be found on every regular “tushed” bar here in lagos (still confused).
Maybe its been long you watched nigerian music videos and you think flaunting white girls all over your video would make us go wild? check over 60 released videos since 2012 , you will see white girls frolicking on all the video.
its high time you guys take this music business serious and make it the showbiz that our counterparts in other countries have used to earn million and carve a market structure

i know the die hard nigerian fans who see nothing in this would be too quick to insult me or call me “bad belle” but the truth has to be told for future purposes

(music analyst/PR)

Akpan Series (yawa for valentine) ff@husband_materia

now wey valentine don dey reach, ophilia don come dey greet me well well, if she pass my gate even if i no see her, she go knock for my window before she begin yan “my one and only akpan!, the only carabar man wey don tif my heart”. the thing dey sweet me pass 404 but i no go allow Ophilia do me wetin she do me last year.
i don arrange waka finish for my mind,even take risk, leave my duty post wey be say oga madam come now, she go begin speak big big english, na so me and ophilia dey waka dey go dat madam scholarstica bar for rumuola junction, if you see my dressing, you go know say akpan no dey dull, i knack one black shoes wey oga dash me and my long khaki trouser with my 50 cent polo, as we sidon to chop and flenjor, na im ophilia begin fall my hand, only ophilia chop two turkey, drink four bottle of stout and dey order for pepper soup!.
i put hand inside pocket make i see if i make mistake carry extra money cuz na N1500 i put for pocket as i dey come out! “darling akpan, dis one u no dey chop wen turkey full table?” na wetin Ophilia ask me, e dey me like make i tear her better thunder slap and run but me i dey fear madam scholarstica o, her pikin guy name hammer, hammer na head of agbero for this rumuola park and if i jonse she go call hammer for me, if you see hammer face no be person go tell you to pay madam scholarstica if you dey owe her.

i don tink sotey my mind run comot from where i dey, wen i turn look back my table, ophilia don tell hammer to come follow her flenjor , say e be like say kalo kalo wey i dey play don make me touch small money, i look left and right i no know anybody for the bar wey i fit borrow money from, the thing we dey my mind now na to run, i don dey calculate how i go run for here reach my gate but what if the plan no come work and hammer come catch me, na die be that o!, i begin bone dey follow dem dey chop, next thing i begin cough like person wey pepper enter him throat o, na so i dey shout “water! water!”, before dem go rush bring water i don fall for ground yakata, na so i dey hear “pour am water” , while some dey shout “make we carry go hospital” , one time hammer don put me ontop of him shoulder, pick race like person wey ghost dey pursue, as him reach hospital drop me, i open eye small and tell nurse “abeg gimme water and help me find okada wey go carry me reach house make i rest” na so hammer dey look me but him no fit talk, as nurse call okada for me and i enter, joy full my mind sotey i begin laff, na so hammer come understand say na sharp guy i wan do, but okada man don move already, as i reach my gate, i rush enter my house and lock gate, na from my small security window i take bring out my hand and give hammer the complete money for wetin we chop.

now valentine don reach again, ophilia don begin dey call me sweet sweet names, my people wetin una want make i do?


New Music: Willy-Jay – konga style (Prod @iamwilly_jay)

Willy-jay one of PH’s Finest drops this mad tunes that currently trending on all social media, great lyricist and Producer extra-ordinaire


Adventures of Husband Material (part 4)

Mama ekaette was now obsessed with my cock, she would cook and get enough afang soup for me, whenever an opportunity comes up we would have one fast quick round of sex.
slow it turned into a routine but who i really wanted to have under my arm is ekaette, just like her mother she is busty, tall and walks with a gait of that of a runway model, i decided to lure her into my room by telling her to come arrange my room for me, that i’ll pay her N500 for it, as she bent down to sweep my room, i hurriedly locked the door, and watched as her big buttocks pushed the wrapper up and was revealing those thighs, i drew her close and sh turned and say “oga corper if you do me na, you go begin tell everybody say we don fuck” and i held her close and whispered in her ears “no worry na only me and you go know, unless na you tell another person”
like a password to a phone those words opened her wrapper and i could see God’s perfect artistry in full, her boobs well rounded with a very big nipples, took off her pink panties and her bushy pussy was all up in my face, nothing turns me on like a pussy with all the hairs thats not shaved out, i fingered her pussy as i and her staggered to the bed.
i brought out my gold circle and gave to her, the way she tore the pack and swiftly wore the condom on my dick, i knew she was no learner in the game, pressing both boobs against each other and sucking her nipples so hard, licking both the same time! “chei! Abasi!! oga corper you don kill me” while she held my dick but her eyes where closed from the pleasure untold she was getting, i kissed her neck while i caressed her whole body, letting my hand run all over her, making her moan, she pushed me away when the pleasure was too much for her to handle, climbed ontop me, facing me with her back and her hands on the bed, she gently allow my thick fat cock struggles its way into her wet tight pussy, once inside her, she shut her eyes and began to whine her waist, her pussy letting out fart sounds as i held her waist to control the pressure this small girl was mounting on my dick, she kept going “iyanmi!!! eyeninor!!” while i plunged deep into her cunt, i could see her cum drip out of her pussy, her pounding of my dick with her pussy is now slow, am guessing she is tired, so carried her n turned her to face me, legs on my shoulder with a ginger to make sure i over feed her with this dick, i decided to pound her cunt hard! driving into her bushy pussy and making sure she is getting it hard, she closed her eyes and clenched the bedsheet so tight, “kpat! kpat!” her pussy kept making those sound and when was about cuming, i could feel her pussy wall grabbing my dick and her pussy became very slippery, she came so hard that she was shaking and grabbing my butt.
now the noise coming from inside the house was cuz both mama ekaette and ekaette were both pregnant for me and i could hear what my landlord mr udom was saying “let me get my gun, if i kill that boy, i go kill all of una plus myself join” the smell of danger was looming, my wallet in my hand, i hurriedly packed in few cloths, jumped through the back window, running as fast my legs could carry me,with a sworn oath of never to step my feet anywhere around that Uyo!

BBpin: 2A8B8D8F

New Music!!- Eropex – sio ubok (prod. shebonky) @eropex

Zuzu Records Presents: Eropex a unique artiste whose genre of music is all over the nation, drops this mad joint to stamp his support for Governor Godswill Akpabio to go for senate based on the good works he has done for his state!! shout out: it works for me!! mbok yak Akpabio aka senate!! inazaga zaga ff@eropex


(Add 2A8B8D8F biz only)

FLUXY – Kombossa (Prod @fluxyokonkwo)

Fluxy drops this upbeat makossa song as the first song to kick of the year! His unique style and master beat maker would sure put him on the A-list @fluxyokonkwo


(Add 2A8B8D8F biz only)

How to be a PLAYBOY by @husband_materia

The crazy and witty Husband Material drops his first Podcast for the year 2014, his next episodes promise to be more revealing!
Click the download button and also ff@husband_material
BBpin; 2A8B8D8F


Adventures Of Husband Material

the heavy noise coming out from mama Ekaette’s house is one evident of a house that’s torn apart, the stint of jealousy that women have against each other is bound to showcase when love or lust is the main subject.
i was posted to Uyo for my NYSC, holding my call-up letter in my hand and eyes oozing out untold adventure it wants to behold “O boy dey careful, you know say Uyo women like fuck pass dog” my friend said to me but i cared less.
the real drama started on a very normal sunday morning, all tenants had gone to church, clutching my bucket of water, towel tied to my waist and a wrapper on the other hand thats use as a sheild from the shanty space used as a bathroom in the yard.
Hung my wrapper on the stick that cut across the entrance to the shanty bathroom, splashes of soapy water in my eyes, body covered in foamy soapy water, as i hurriedly scoop water to rinse the soapy water off my eyes, only for me to realise that the breeze that accompanys harmattan season, has blown away my wrapper and here was mama ekaette standing infront of me, looking very surprised at my slightly erect huge fat black cock with all its vein rooting thier marks on my dick, “oga val sorry, na dis harmattan” she apologised as she picked my wrapper and headed towards me, as she gave me my wrapper, she muttered “oga val, you girlfriend no dey cry if u use this thing?” i smiled in shame and took the wrapper from her, just as i was about settling down to continue with my bath after spreading the wrapper well, mama ekaette came into the bathroom, let her wrapper loose and grabbed my dick, though mama ekaette has two kids of which ekaette her first child should be a little above 16, but her boobs were still well shaped, fair boobs but very dark nipples, she bent down and took the full lengthy cock into her mouth, choking on it though but expertly sucked my dick, i grabbed her hair woven in thread and forced my cock deep into her mouth!.
she sucked my dick, licking my balls and giving me real oral pleasure, i bent her over and entered from the rear, she let out a faint moan and shaky words “chei! Oga val you prick sweet”, i thrust deep into her pink cunt, banging and pounding her pussy with my dick, she kept moaning “abasi mbom! oga val put am inside well well” and that geared me to hit harder, i leaned on the wall as she used her ass to hit my thighs while i watch her cunt swallow my huge anaconda, i grabbed her boobs from behind, using it as a support while i ram her cunt! she could not control herself anymore and the pleasure from my dick has intoxicated her, “Oga val, abeg take me inside your house make you fuck me well”.
on my bed i positioned her on her sides! raised her legs wide open, sucked on her clit so slow, licking her clit, cuntlips and inner walls of her pussy, before i gently slide my dick and began the hammering, “oga val, mbom! you dey fuck o!, na wetin your girlfriend dey enjoy be dis?” she kept on saying more erotic stuffs! and boom! 45 minutes later, her cunt juice erupted like a volcano, i watched her leg quaver in pleasure and the sexiness of her eyes made me cum in sequence, as my cum filled her cunt and drooled out, she tied her wrapper and was panting helplessly
(to be continued)

BBpin – 2A8B8D8F

Poverty is of the Mind

poverty truly is a state of mind, it twarts your thinking and make you think life is wicked but obviously life is not so to the rich cuz he is basking in the euphoria of the best things of life, the gap between the poor and the rich is a very thin line.
ideas, risk, hardwork and patience is the four pointers of a very sucessful person, wealth can only amass where there is ideas! a creative mind would sure bring out money producing thoughts, never say its cuz of the capital to start a great idea is the reason why is your still grippling with poverty, learn the spirit of a good marketer, when put your ideas in black and white, if you dont see someone thats willing to lend you the initial capital, you will see the person thats willing to be a partner, learn to take risk for the sailors and captains never know what awaits them but the ever willing spirit of making more money or love for thier job is what takes them through thier risky journeys.
hardwork is the lubricant to every growing business, learn to be hardworking at all times even when its like you should throw away the baby and the bucket, for in the darkest hour is a clear sign that dawn is so near.
patience is what the 21st century youths lack, start a business in 1 month, you want to start reaping benefits and profits, rather ploughung back the meagre profit back into the business, yyour quest for quick cash pushes you so hard that you begin to rip yourself off the future gains and tend squash a very promising business!

BBpin: 2A8B8D8F

pauly rankin – Just for you


Pauly rankin a reggae artiste whose style of music has been influenced a lot by the jamaican flavor, drops this joint off his forthcoming album. @paulyrankin


We are a Group of Nigerian Graduates of the famous new york film academy, we are back in nigeria [PH]
We special in classic Music videos, Documentary, interviews and event coverage.
Since we are new in ph we are slashing down prices! With our RED camera’s and other HD’s , our wealth of creativity would be felt immensely

PHONE: 08060885925
Ff @husband_materia
Address! No10 dalus plaza by police post junction off eliozu

Husband -Material

PH finest: Valachi,Rapture,Marcelo,shugar-mani – heartbeat


This is an upbeat song with very melodious tone! Produced by @prolifix_ent! Its sure a banger for the ladies

2A8B8D8F(biz only)

Zanga Carnival 2013 hosted by WaxDawg Ent.

Waxdawg Entertainment Proudly host the zanga carnival of rumuigbo 2013, there will loads of celebrities in the building!


It promises to be fun
Proudly sponsored by

Prolifix Entertainment
Coins and Roses TV
Kupid Promoters

Poison for Christmas (written by @husband_materia)

the frenzy mood of a great christmas filled the air, the blaring sound from the radio’s of all neighbouring compound really portrayed a fun filled day.
aunty omolade my eldest sister was on her way to our family house, she is my favourite aunt because she is the one that showers me with lots of gift and attention, so i was waiting in anticipation.
pacing back and front in the garden, waiting in untold curiosity what aunty omolade would buy for me, i made a list of things i wanted for christmas and in my inner soul i was trying to picture what she would get for me, was the PS4 or the new shoes for my final class in SS3, the sound of the car horn at the gate startled me, as i ran toward the gate, opened and welcomed aunty omolade as she drove, we both smiled at each other while she alighted from her car. “tunde ba wo ni” she asked and i gave out a big grin replied “aunty am fine o!”
she walked past me with no sign of gift bags in her hands, sadness adorned my face, as i walked past her, she called me, gave me N500 and instructed to go buy vouchers for her phone, in minutes as i was back i heard loud shout from the inside, papa and aunty omolade are never in good terms, getting close to the door, i decided to eavesdrop.
“omolade is my son and am here to take him with back to ibadan” she shouted in inmmensed anger,
i was befulled, the news of aunty omolade being my mother hit me hard, yes it did push me to the floor beside the door, panting for air i heard papa say “you are not taking that abomination anywhere” he shouted and that seem to anger aunty omolade cuz she started crying, sobbing as she said ” papa if not for your stupidity that you could not control your loins and lust from your own daughter, would you call tunde an abomination”
words could not describe how i felt at that moment, aunty omolade is my mother while papa fathered me through his own daughter! i have had of the word incest, i have read newspapers of stories of incest and in my wildest imagination i never knew i was a product of such disgraceful act.
next thing i could remember, papa was on the ground on a pool of his own blood, his brains splattered all over the floor while aunty omolade had blood drooling out of her arm, and large crowd gathered outside, then it dawned on me what i had done in a quick short minute of rage, i have killed papa, a man i revered so much but now hate and seem like the devil himself to me, aunty omolade had tried to stop me and i shot her too in rage!.
the noise outside was getting rowdier and the siren from the car of the police van came to a halt as they parked into out compound, put me in handcuffs, as i walked out of the house escorted by the police men, the large crowd hurled weapons at me! “weyre! weyre!” they yelled at me!.
if only they knew what transpired in that parlour, if they were in my shoes, if my predicament starred them at the face, am sure a lot of them would do worst, if you see my face of the pages of newspaper please don’t judge me cuz you don’t know what i went through!


[Bangers] Xtacy – Natural ft Fritzi

Here’s a brand new Afro tune from one of PH finest female artist “Xtacy”, she tittles this one NATURAL featuring another PH finest artist/producer “Fritzi” and together they did justice to this amazing piece of work. A track produced by Fritzi has won the hearts of many as its fast spreading within the PH metropolis and beyond. Download and enjoy


New Music : Micheal Drimz – Bum Bum

Michael Drimz is a singer/rapper with extraordinary talents, he releases a club banging and commercial hit single titled “BUM BUM”. Michael Drimz has done couple of songs like “Go low”, “You’re my model”, “wey ma Julie”. He did “You’re my model” with a foreign artist, “uc shiver” one of Bangladesh’s best rapper, thereby making him the first upcoming artist in Nigeria to feature a foreign artist with foreign language. Michael Drimz a.k.a Yung Yank is truly extraordinary and “BUM BUM” is a song u must hear. It’s also a good Ukwu Remade. (Prod @itzchymz)